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BJP to win max number of seats in Meghalaya: Tarun Chugh-Newsonnline.com

BJP national general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Chugh recently campaigned for the party in Meghalaya which faces assembly election on February 27. In an interview to Kumar Shakti Shekhar, he spoke about the work the Narendra Modi government has done in the border state and the whole of north-east in the last nine years. Basing his opinion on interaction with a cross-section of people in the state and the works executed by the central government, he exuded confidence that the BJP would win the maximum number of seats. Excerpts:
You recently visited Meghalaya. How many days did you spend there and which sections of society did you meet?
I reached Meghalaya on February 6 and stayed there for about eight days. I visited all the districts and several assembly constituencies of the state and met the people there. There are several areas in which the people did not understand our language. But they exclaim “Modi, Modi. Toilet – Modi, Modi. Rice – Modi, Modi” on seeing the election symbol lotus of the BJP. Smile and confidence are reflected on their faces on hearing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name. It proves their heart beats for Modi ji and they have full confidence in him. This confidence will be translated into votes this time.
The BJP won just two out of 60 seats and garnered 9.5 per cent vote share in the 2018 Meghalaya assembly election. It is contesting on all the seats in the upcoming election. How many seats does the BJP expect to win?
The fact is that the credibility of all other governments which have governed the state has completely eroded. The people have realised that the other parties come to power to indulge in corruption and promote their dynasties and families. They have also got convinced that corruption and dynasty politics are the biggest enemies of democracy. They now believe that only the BJP can give a clean and pro-poor government with the blessings of Modi ji. That is why the BJP will win the maximum number of seats in Meghalaya.
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Christians constitute more than 80 per cent of Meghalaya’s population. Whereas the BJP is known as a rightwing party. How does the BJP expect the majority population in the state to vote for it?
This is a wrong perception. The BJP is the nation’s party. It is a party of all sections of society and all regions of the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government’s motto is ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwas, sabka prayas’. This is not just a slogan but it has been implemented on the ground. The government has constructed 10 crore toilets, it provides foodgrains to 81 crore people, it has administered 225 crore vaccines, constructed houses for the poor, it has distributed more than 10 crore free LPG connections, it has insured health for Rs 5 lakh per person of about 80 crore people, it has linked 50 crore people with banking and has implemented several poverty-alleviation schemes. It has done all these without asking the caste or religion of the beneficiaries.
Therefore, the people have observed that the mission of ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas’ is getting fulfilled under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and the BJP is an organisation of all sections, all regions, all castes and all religions. The BJP belongs to all Indians. The people of Meghalaya are generously blessing Prime Minister Modi.
After having visited Meghalaya, what is your assessment of the political situation in the state?
The brothers and sisters of Meghalaya have seen the network of roads and highways, construction of bridges, starting of air travel, construction of new airports and building of rail infrastructure. Trust in the Modi government has rekindled. They know that the government has done immense work for the people. They have realised that our government has considered North-east a door of development while the other governments had neglected this region. The government has worked really hard to promote and encourage organic farming, sports, investment, industrial development and information and technology in the region.
Simultaneously, we have worked towards putting a curb on insurgency, frequent bandhs, protests, drug menace, smuggling and corruption. The people feel that only the BJP can put an end to these problems.
The Global Minority Report, which came out in December, has acknowledged that India is the best country for minorities. The report says that the way there is a special provision in the Constitution of India for the cultural and educational promotion of minorities, such provision is not there in any other country.
People have gained employment from our ‘Vocal for local’ approach. It has encouraged HIRA (highways, internet, railways and airways) Model which has written a development story of entire North-east. No one can say that she or he has not been benefitted from the several schemes and development initiatives of the Modi government. No one can allege that she or he was denied any benefits on grounds of caste or religion.
The tribal population realises that the benefits to them have been possible only because of a BJP government. A tribal woman has become the president of the country. As many as 16 routes have been started in Meghalaya under UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) scheme. The government has started 150 Eklavya schools in the region out of which 39 are in Meghalaya.
The youth are increasingly being recruited in the defence forces and the security forces. Till now, the people of North-east were being divided. We have considered them ‘divine’ and Modi ji has launched the Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East Region (PM-DevINE). Gods reside in this region.
The government has consistently worked towards conserving nature and development of the border areas. We have brought about electricity reforms as a result of which 2 lakh houses have been electrified. Tap water has reached lakhs of families for the first time. North-east has got its due share of benefits under Ujjwala Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, PM Awas Yojana, Jal Jeewan Mission, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and several social security schemes.
The BJP-led NDA government under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee took the initiative of development in the Northeast for the first time and formed a separate ministry for it, but after that there was no special effort for the development of the Northeast in the 10 years of the UPA government of the Congress. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office in 2014, a new story of all-round development of North East India has been written.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Act East’ policy instead of ‘Look East’ policy has seen unprecedented changes in the Ashtalakshmi states of the Northeast in the last nine years.
After becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi alone has visited the North-East more times than all the Prime Ministers have visited the North-Eastern states after the independence of the country. Due to this, development is at a fast pace here. The result of this change in Delhi’s thinking about the Northeast is that the Northeast is now becoming the gateway to India’s development. The mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’ and ‘Local for Global’ has given pace to the development.

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