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How Aaftab killed Shraddha & disposed off frame portions

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police in its chargesheet has disclosed gory main points of Shraddha Walkar‘s homicide and the way Aaftab Poonawala, the accused within the case, dedicated the crime.
The police have additionally detailed Aaftab’s actions after the homicide, together with his execution of plans to dispose off Shraddha’s frame.
The chargesheet unearths how the accused strangled Shraddha and the way he disposed of the frame portions one after the other.

The Police chargesheet disclosed that Aaftab used to be of an competitive nature and used to overcome Shraddha on petty problems.
In step with the police, to lie to the investigation the accused previous mentioned that he used a stone crusher to put off Shraddha’s bones and after grinding the bones and turning them to powder, he threw them at the street. However, the police mentioned that he later retracted this remark.
The chargesheet additionally published that his earlier disclosure is partly proper and along with that disclosure, he additional mentioned that during his previous disclosure remark, he had attempted to lie to the police by means of giving a false remark that once murdering Shraddha on Would possibly 18, 2022, at a rented lodging in Chattarpur Pahadi he reduce her frame into items and burnt the bones of Shraddha and after grinding them with a stone grinder had thrown the powder away.
It is usually published that he first of all tortured and tormented Shraddha who sought after to get a divorce with him, alternatively, she may just now not as a result of she didn’t have a reinforce machine as she had no touch along with her circle of relatives.
The rate sheet additionally disclosed that he murdered Shraddha at the eve of Would possibly 18, 2022. Then he purchased one noticed, 3 blades, a hammer and plastic clips to chop her frame portions and put off them. He additionally purchased a fridge to retailer them to keep away from the stench.
The police rate sheet mentioned that the accused shifted the frame to the toilet and reduce the frame into 17 items. At the first day, he reduce her wrist and hand. He used to put off the frame portions one after the other.
He additionally were given a reduce on his hand whilst slicing the frame of Shraddha, the rate sheet mentioned.
The police rate sheet mentioned that Aaftab sat on Shraddha’s chest and strangled her to demise. He then chopped her frame into items and saved them within the kitchen and refrigerator.
“To eliminate her addiction of quarrelling and abusing perpetually, I grabbed her and dropped her at the flooring to kill her. Sitting on her chest, I held her throat tight with each my palms till she died. Her frame used to be hidden in the toilet. Then I deliberate to put off her lifeless frame by means of slicing it into small items and placing it in a large briefcase and throwing it someplace. I additionally purchased a hammer, a horizontal noticed and its 3 blades. After coming house, I reduce each palms of Shraddha’s lifeless frame with a wrist noticed and stored it in polythene in the toilet,” the rate sheet published Aaftab’s remark.
The chargesheet published that Aaftab bought disinfectant from a buying groceries app to scrub the blood stains that unfold at the flooring after cutting the frame.
“Within the night, I reduce each the legs of Shraddha’s lifeless frame from knees and ankle and packed them in a trash bag and stored the reduce frame portions within the freezer of the bought refrigerator. After slicing the frame portions, the blood unfold. To scrub it, I purchased 2 bottles of Harpic Disinfectant, bathroom cleaner, and bleach from the buying groceries app,” the chargesheet mentioned.
Aaftab had previous deliberate to put off the frame portions in a briefcase, alternatively, he dropped the plan because of the concern of having stuck whilst disposing them.
“On Would possibly 20, 2022, I had purchased a large crimson colored briefcase from Mehrauli marketplace as a part of making plans to chop and put off the frame. However I deserted this plan for concern of being stuck for the reason that briefcase used to be heavy. Small items of her frame needed to be thrown at other puts within the wooded area. I made the making plans once more. Within the night, her head and different frame portions had been bring to an end from her frame, and after taking away her entrails from her abdomen, I put them in polythene and in a large dustbin stored on the nook of 60 Futa Street, Chattarpur Pahadi,” the rate sheet published.
“Different frame portions had been disposed at more than a few puts together with Nallah wooded area close to the cremation floor,” it added.
Aaftab used petrol to damage the proof at other puts. He threw her head into the wooded area months after he killed Shraddha.
“I stored her head, torso and each forearms within the freezer for concern of being recognized. After this, about 3 to 4 months after the incident, after disfiguring her head and face with a blow torch, I reduce her hair and erased her identification. Her head, each forearms and torso had been thrown in the similar Chhattarpur Enclave wooded area. Her hair and garments had been thrown in a large dustbin positioned on the nook of 60 Futa Street, Chattarpur Pahadi,” the rate sheet mentioned.
The rate sheet additionally said that on December 23, 2022, all over the process the investigation, the reveals had been tested for DNA at CFSL, Lodhi Street, Delhi and Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) Hyderabad for extracting DNA for matching the similar with the blood samples of dad and brother of Shraddha.
The rate sheet hooked up Google Research the place it’s established that Sharaddha’s account used to be logged in via Aaftab’s telephone submit Would possibly 18.
The rate sheet additionally hooked up parallel places of Aaftab’s telephone and Shraddha’s telephone submit the offence of homicide.
Delhi Police has established via places that submit the homicide the telephone of Shraddha used to be with Aaftab.
It is usually mentioned that the parallel places of the cell phones of accused Aaftab and Shraddha were discovered to be from June 1, 2022, to June 8, 2022, in Mumbai.
On June 9, 2022, the educate path from Mumbai to Delhi by way of Mathura, Nizamuddin Railway station and from June 10, 2022, to June 19, 2022, in Delhi i.e. Chattarpur Pahari used to be disclosed via Google location, the police mentioned.
The parallel location chart of the cell choice of Aaftab and Shradda after the homicide of Shraddha dated Would possibly 18 2022, may be hooked up.
It is usually mentioned, “On that day whilst slicing the wrists of Shraddha, I additionally were given a minor reduce on my left hand with noticed because of which there used to be minor bleeding additionally from my hand.” He had positioned the polythene containing each the palms of Shraddha within the decrease cupboard of the kitchen below the water camper.
At the subsequent night time of the homicide, he disposed off one thigh a part of the frame within the jungle of Chattarpur Pahari located at MG Street, Delhi Police mentioned within the rate sheet.
It is usually said that over the following 4-5 days, he reduce the frame in 17 items, 3 items of each and every hand, 3 items of each and every leg, head, torso, two items of pelvis, and thumb, the rate sheet said.
The police additionally mentioned he went to Maharashtra to sign up for Shraddha’s lacking inquiry and at the means, threw her telephone, and destroyed her bank card.
Thereafter on 22-23 October, he went to Police Station Manik Pur, District Mira Bhayander, Maharashtra to sign up for the inquiry relating to a lacking file of Shraddha that used to be lodged by means of her father, the rate sheet mentioned.
At the means, he threw away the telephone of Shraddha, her bank cards, debit playing cards and paperwork and so forth in Bhayander Khadi after destructive them as “I used to be conscious that Bhayander Khadi could be very deep as I did my education at Bhayander.”
Delhi Police additionally disclosed that Aaftab met a lady via a web-based relationship app and he or she used to consult with him.
Each time the lady used to consult with him, he would blank the fridge and retailer Shraddha’s frame portions within the decrease cupboard of the kitchen.
On Would possibly 13, every other lady met Aaftab and Shraddha on a web-based app and helped them get a flat. Submit the homicide, Aaftab instructed that lady that Shraddha has moved out of the flat and ended their dating, the rate sheet said.
It is usually said that he requested the lady to touch Shraddha and to find out if she is ok. He additionally instructed the lady that Shraddha had blocked him and he isn’t ready to touch her. So requested her to touch Shraddha and to find out if she is ok.
Delhi Police has additionally enclosed her letter written on November 23, 2020, to Maharashtra police informing that Aaftab tried to kill her.
(With inputs from ANI)

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