How to Maximize Points With the AmEx Trifecta


The American Express Club Rewards program is a highly flexible rewards system that is unique in many ways. With excellent customer service, transfer partners, and valuable flexible points, AmEx provides some of the best credit cards for global travelers. For those who prefer Club Rewards points, the American Express Trifecta is the best way to maximize earnings. This strategy involves using three different cards to earn the most points on every purchase and enjoy a host of benefits included with each card.

What Is the AmEx Trifecta?

Have you heard of the AmEx Trifecta spending technique? It’s a great way to earn at least two points for every dollar spent by utilizing bonus categories on three different AmEx credit cards. According to Jennifer Yellin, a credit card expert at Offers, We Like the AmEx Platinum, AmEx Gold, and AmEx Blue Business Plus are the three cards included in this strategy. If you’d rather not pay the annual fee for the Platinum Card, Joe Hegedus, a travel blogger at Your Mileage May Vary, suggests swapping it out for the AmEx Green Card to still receive earning benefits without the luxury travel perks.

Which Playing Cards Are Integrated within the AmEx Trifecta?

Each and every American Specific card has a great buyer according to its bonus classes, advantages, and annual charges, however, you’ll be able to get the AmEx Trifecta with the AmEx Platinum Card, the AmEx Gold Card, and the AmEx Blue Trade Plus card.

The Platinum Card from American Specific

Experienced travelers highly recommend The Platinum Card from American Express for its exclusive airport lounge access, yearly credits for airline fees and hotels, and complimentary elite status with Marriott Bonvoy Gold and Hilton Honors Gold. Despite its $695 annual fee, plus an additional $175 for up to three authorized users and $175 for each additional user, the card offers more than $1,500 in credits that easily make up for it.

New cardholders can earn 80,000 points as a welcome offer by spending $6,000 within six months. This card rewards five points per dollar spent on flights directly booked with airlines or through American Express Travel on up to $500,000 spent in this category each calendar year. Additionally, the card earns five points per dollar on prepaid hotel bookings through AmEx Travel.

Cardholders can also enjoy access to Fine Hotels and Resorts and The Hotel Collection perks, as well as up to $100 reimbursement for the application fee for Global Entry or TSA Precheck.

American Specific Gold Card

The American Express Gold Card is a supplement to the Platinum Card. It offers a reward of 4 points per dollar spent on dining, takeout and delivery within the US, and 4 points per dollar spent on groceries (up to $25,000 per year). For flights, you should use the AmEx Platinum Card, as the Gold Card only earns 3 points per dollar on flights. Upon approval, you can earn 60,000 Club Rewards points by spending $4,000 within the first six months.

The Gold Card comes with $120 in Uber Cash and $120 in credits for eligible dining purchases. These benefits are given in $10 increments over the course of a year. These two annual credits effectively offset the Gold Card’s $250 annual fee. Adding additional users to your account incurs no additional fees.

The Blue Trade Plus Credit score Card from American Specific

The American Express Blue Business Plus card is a great option for everyday spending within the AmEx Trifecta. It earns two points per dollar on all eligible business purchases up to $50,000 each year. Despite being a business credit card, many individuals may still be eligible. If you have a side hustle, own a rental property, sell items on Etsy or eBay, or drive for Uber in your spare time, you may qualify for the Blue Business Plus card.

This card has no annual fee and offers some limited benefits. Additionally, it includes a 0% annual percentage rate promotion on purchases for one year, which can be helpful if you have a significant purchase that you need extra time to pay off. There is no fee for authorized user cards if you want to give someone else access to the card to earn extra points on their spending.

Bonus Classes for Playing cards within the AmEx Trifecta

Credit score Card Bonus Classes
The Platinum Card from American Specific
  • Buck has identified five potential problems when booking flights through either Airways or American Express Travel at once, which could result in up to $500,000 per calendar year.
  • Buck has identified five problems with pay-as-you-go resorts through American Express Travel.
American Specific Gold Card
  • Buck has identified four issues related to eating, as well as four issues related to grocery expenses that can add up to $25,000 in a year. Additionally, Buck has identified three issues related to booking flights either all at once or through American Express Travel.
American Specific Blue Trade Plus Credit Score Card
  • Buck has identified two concerns related to eligible industry purchases. The first issue pertains to the spending limit of $50,000 within a 12-month period.

How to Maximize Points With the AmEx Trifecta

To maximize your American Specific Club Rewards issues, there are a couple of easy steps that you simply will have to take.

  • To maximize your rewards, use the appropriate card for different types of purchases. The AmEx Trifecta technique involves using cards that offer bonus categories at specific stores, while using another card for everyday spending. Remembering which card offers which bonuses can be challenging, but placing a small note on the back of each card can make it easier.

Take advantage of welcome offers for new cardholders, which usually offer the highest amount of points. Bonus offers may change throughout the year, but the minimum spending requirement to earn the bonus typically remains consistent. If you’re unsure about meeting the requirement, consider timing your application with a big purchase such as car maintenance or a home improvement project.


American Express offers targeted deals based on your specific spending patterns and card profile. These offers may include additional points when shopping at participating stores, but you must activate them before making a purchase.


Refer friends, family, or co-workers to American Express and earn a bonus for each approved referral. Bonuses vary by card, and there may be annual limits on how much you can earn. You may receive a Form 1099 from American Express for the value of the points you must include when filing your taxes.


American Express partners with 20 airline and hotel loyalty programs, offering limited-time bonuses to encourage point transfers. Transferring points to a partner airline ensures you get the most value out of your Club Rewards points.


Avoid low-value redemption options such as online shopping, gift cards, statement credits, and Pay with Points purchases. These redemptions typically offer a value of 1 cent or less per point, while high-end travel bookings can be worth many multiples of that.

Utility Regulations to Practice to Get the AmEx Trifecta

American Specific has a number of software regulations that you simply will have to take into account when making use of for the AmEx Trifecta:

  • The five-card rule. Individuals can possess up to five active revolving credit card accounts from either private or industry banks simultaneously.
  • Most of 2 card approvals in 90 days. It is not possible to obtain more than one credit card within a five-day period, and a maximum of two within a 90-day period. Although you can apply for multiple cards in a short amount of time, it is advisable to space out your applications to ensure that you have enough time to meet the minimum spending requirements. This will also reduce the impact of credit inquiries on your credit report.
  • As soon as-per-lifetime rule. American Express aims to limit the welcome offers received by customers, which means you cannot receive a bonus on the same card more than once in your lifetime. However, it may still be possible to qualify for the same offer again after a period of seven years.

The Bottom Line

The AmEx Trifecta is a popular strategy for maximizing Club Rewards points through spending. By using three credit cards, you can take advantage of bonus categories to earn extra points. Additionally, each card offers additional benefits, like airport lounge access, hotel elite status, and access to airline and hotel transfer partners, which can justify the annual fee. However, using three cards, two of which have high annual fees, requires careful credit card management to ensure you receive all the benefits without overspending.

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