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How Ukraine Can Retake Crimea, Per Ex-U.S. General Ben Hodges

“It all started with Crimea, it’s going to finish with Crimea,” declared Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2022 when discussing his nation’s ongoing resistance to Russia’s newest conflict of conquest.

Reclaiming the peninsula—occupied by means of Moscow’s forces assisted by means of native collaborators since 2014—is most likely Kyiv’s maximum formidable conflict function. Jutting out into the Black Sea and bordering one facet of the Sea of Azov, Crimea is an important piece of the regional strategic puzzle and key in safeguarding its profitable business delivery routes.

However Ukraine should battle arduous for this sort of prize. Russian forces are reportedly getting ready the peninsula and its approaches from southern Ukraine for a counteroffensive. Crimea’s distinctive geographical demanding situations pose many risks for attackers, and its political significance to President Vladimir Putin method Russian troops there—and sympathetic locals—can also be anticipated to position up a resolute protection.

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges during Bulgaria drill
Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, left, then-commanding basic of the U.S. Military in Europe, speaks with squaddies all through the Swift Reaction 17 joint-airborne army workout at Bezmer airfield in Bulgaria on July 18, 2017. In an interview with Newsweek, Ben Hodges—who laid out 3 levels in which Kyiv’s troops could possibly snatch Crimea
DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP by way of Getty Photographs

In an interview with Newsweek, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges—who previously served because the commanding basic of the U.S. Military Europe—laid out 3 levels in which Kyiv’s troops could possibly snatch Crimea, starting with Ukraine’s lengthy awaited spring counteroffensive.

“There may be quite a lot of ways in which Ukrainians are fascinated with this,” Hodges defined. “Clearly, they know the geography, they know the historical past, the elements, they know what the Russians have there. I consider they’ve a close to very best intelligence about what is going down inside of Crimea. And I unquestionably hope that we are serving to—the U.S. and the United Kingdom.”

A Precious Prize

Ukraine has been ravaged by means of 14 months of conflict. Its economic system gotten smaller by means of one 3rd closing yr, and Russia’s invasion has eaten away on the personnel whilst choking the essential agricultural and business seaborne exports that experience historically been central to its prosperity.

Kyiv won’t be able to make sure safety of business delivery within the Black Sea until it liberates the peninsula, Hodges mentioned.

“If the Russians proceed to regulate Crimea, both as a result of they defeated Ukrainians or on account of some peace agreement, Ukraine won’t ever be capable of rebuild its economic system as a result of Crimea blocks get entry to out and in of the Sea of Azov,” he mentioned.

Even the massive ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv—either one of which can be firmly beneath Ukrainian regulate—will nonetheless be threatened by means of Crimea, Hodges mentioned.

“If you’ll be able to step again and do not center of attention on Crimea, however have a look at the Black Sea, it is painfully obtrusive how Russia would be capable of block, each time it sought after to, ships coming out and in of any Ukrainian port of any sort,” he mentioned.

“That is a very powerful a part of this, no longer simply because we wish Ukraine to have an economic system but in addition for the Eu Union and for Europe,” Hodges mentioned. “If Ukraine isn’t in a position to rebuild its economic system, then you have got thousands and thousands of Ukrainian refugees which can be nonetheless staying in every single place Europe…It is a actual drawback for all of Europe if Ukraine can not rebuild its economic system.”

Russian-held Crimea, Hodges mentioned, is “a dagger pointed on the abdominal of Ukraine.”


What can Kyiv do to ameliorate the Russian risk from Crimea?

“First you isolate the peninsula,” Hodges mentioned. “While you have a look at the map, it begins to appear increasingly like a lure, or possibly a cul-de-sac for the Russians. And you’ll be able to isolate it by means of first slicing the land bridge.”

The land bridge—operating from the southwestern Russian border west of Rostov-on-Don, via occupied Donetsk, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Melitopol and to the Dnieper River—is Moscow’s largest success from greater than a yr at conflict.

The hall permits Russia to higher provide the Crimean Peninsula, which till February 2022 used to be reliant at the Kerch Strait Bridge augmented by means of delivery.

A Ukrainian power south from Zaporizhzhia and east from Kherson would endanger this essential hall.

“I have no idea this, however I believe that is one of the vital major targets of this Ukrainian offensive that is arising,” Hodges mentioned. “Spoil that land bridge, and as soon as you might have executed that then segment two starts.”

Ukraine soldiers take cover in Bakhmut fighting
Ukrainian servicemen take quilt at the back of a residential construction broken by means of shelling within the entrance line town of Bakhmut, Ukraine on April 23, 2023. Ukrainian troops are at the defensive within the east of the rustic whilst Kyiv prepares its spring counteroffensive.
ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP by way of Getty Photographs


If Ukrainian forces can succeed in Crimea’s doorstep, a lot of the peninsula’s maximum delicate army and infrastructure objectives shall be in fluctuate.

Ukrainian troops have proved adept at the use of long-range Western munitions—in addition to indigenous era—to focus on Russian command posts, troop concentrations, and provide hubs. Crimea provides a wealth of objectives, together with the Sevastopol naval base and the Saky air base, either one of that have already been attacked.

“You get started hitting objectives to make the peninsula untenable for Russian forces,” Hodges mentioned of a 2nd segment of assault. “You hit Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet has to go away, they may be able to’t take a seat there whilst precision guns are dropping rain on ships, or harbor amenities, gasoline, ammo, and so on. Similar factor with the airbase in Saky.”

General Christopher Cavoli—the present commander of U.S. forces in Europe—has mentioned that “precision can beat mass” if given enough time.

Hodges mentioned this method could be appropriate in Crimea, the place Moscow has deployed important power in worry of Ukrainian operations.

“With a military that is dependent upon mass infantry, it has to have headquarters and artillery,” he mentioned. “And so, with precision, you get started knocking out headquarters, you get started knocking out artillery ammunition garage, and also you knock out transportation hubs.”

“I believe that is what segment two could be, going after the ones forms of objectives to make it untenable for Russia to stick and battle successfully in Crimea.”

Ukrainian MRLS firing at Russian positions Bakhmut
A Ukrainian BM-21 Grad more than one rocket launcher fires against Russian positions at the entrance line close to Bakhmut, Ukraine, on April 23, 2023. If Ukrainian forces can succeed in Crimea’s doorstep, a lot of the peninsula’s maximum delicate army and infrastructure objectives shall be in fluctuate.
SERGEY SHESTAK/AFP by way of Getty Photographs

Extra Western guns may give Ukraine the threshold it wishes to try this, Hodges mentioned. Kyiv already has U.S.-made Prime Mobility Artillery Rocket Techniques armed with Guided A couple of Release Rocket Techniques munitions, that have a 56-mile fluctuate. However regardless of repeated requests from Ukraine, Washington has refused to give you the longest-range HIMARS munitions; the MGM-140 Military Tactical Missile Machine that has a spread of 190 miles.

“If the Ukrainians had the ATACMS, as an example, the Black Sea Fleet would have already needed to depart Sevastopol, they might had been hitting that position already,” Hodges mentioned. “Similar factor with their airbase at Saky and a few those different objectives.”

ATACMS, Grey Eagle drones, and different long-range programs “would make this sort of large distinction,” Hodges mentioned.

“I believe this is going again to how the management, the German, British and French governments have no longer totally dedicated to Ukraine successful,” he added. “They’re they’re involved, I believe unnecessarily, that by some means this may result in nuclear escalation. Or possibly it might result in the cave in of the Russian Federation and the Chinese language don’t need that. Or possibly the Europeans do not. However the secret is, they aren’t prepared to mention we wish Ukraine to win.”


Combating within the peninsula—in puts swampy and in others mountainous—could be tough. Ukrainian troops would additionally must deal with masses of 1000’s of Russian-born citizens, or a minimum of those that have no longer already fled.

In 2014, the Ukrainian-born inhabitants in Crimea used to be extra pro-Russian than the remainder of the rustic, as evidenced by means of election and referenda effects. When Russian troops seized the peninsula, 1000’s of Ukrainian squaddies and officers are believed to have defected.

With nearly a decade of integration with Russia and ceaseless ideological conditioning, advancing Ukrainian troops could have to deal with adversarial locals.

“You do have to move in there and transparent it and occupy it,” Hodges mentioned. “How that occurs, I am not precisely certain but. It’ll no longer be a very easy job, that is needless to say. However I believe the Ukrainians may have concept via how they do this.”

Kyiv should decide about what to do with the Kerch Strait Bridge, which used to be focused by means of the Ukrainians closing yr.

“They’ll no longer drop that bridge,” Hodges advised. “I believe they will depart it up in order that other people can depart, so that they actually have a bridge to get out of there in the event that they see what is going down, and they do not need to stay beneath Ukrainian regulate.”

Kerch Strait Bridge in Russian Colors October
The Kerch Bridge that hyperlinks Crimea to Russia is observed close to Kerch in Crimea on October 12, 2022. Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges believes Ukraine won’t to start with search to ruin the bridge, leaving it intact so other people can depart Crimea for Russia if they do not need to fall beneath Ukrainian regulate.
STRINGER/AFP by way of Getty Photographs

“I believe that someday the Ukrainians will drop it, however I believe within the close to time period, I believe they will most certainly depart it up, until the Russians are the use of it in a significant means after the land bridge has been minimize. If they are pouring in much more functions over the Kerch Bridge, then they will make a decision to drop it.”

Hodges advised that the lack of Crimea would possibly hasten the top of the broader conflict, which has been raging at various intensities for greater than 9 years.

“I believe as soon as Crimea has been liberated, there shall be so much much less enthusiasm within the Kremlin for striking on to those in point of fact deficient destroyed portions of japanese Ukraine,” he mentioned. “What in point of fact issues to them concerning the Donbas used to be having the land bridge to Crimea.”

“I don’t believe they really care an entire lot about those little villages out in Donetsk and Luhansk, although they have got misplaced 1000’s of squaddies there.”

Newsweek has contacted the Russian Ministry of Protection by means of e-mail to request remark.

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