Please, please stay coming to me”: Aaron Paul Wasn’t Satisfied With His First Role in Black Mirror, Had To Beg the Creator To Give Him Another Shot

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It’s difficult to have a TV record as impressive as Aaron Paul’s, who featured in two highly regarded but tone-different sitcoms, Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman. This year’s appearances in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Black Mirror provided more evidence of the actor’s extraordinary range as an actor.

The bojack horseman Star was more excited to be a part of the later episode because he had been adamant about returning since his brief appearance in the anthology series back in season 4.

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Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul’s obsession with returning to Black Mirror

Aaron Paul collaborated with Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, to appear briefly in the season 4 premiere, “USS Callister,” in 2017. The Emmy-winning actor pleaded with the show’s creator to bring him back for more episodes later on because he wasn’t completely satisfied. The actor was sadly unable to return for the fifth season owing to schedule issues, but he didn’t waste the next opportunity that came his way. When he spoke to The Guardian, he said,

“I pleaded with him once again, saying, ‘Please, please keep coming to me.’ When he came to me with this, I seized the opportunity. I thought, “We have to make it happen; whatever we have to do, let’s do it,” as I finished reading the last page.

As a result, Paul was cast as the lead in Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 3, Beyond the Sea. Paul brought his “A” game to the role, and many people thought it was his best work since Breaking Bad.

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Black Mirror  Beyond the Sea
Black Mirror Beyond the Sea

Aaron Paul’s dream of Beyond the Sea came true.

Aaron Paul was in awe after reading the material he was given for his return to the program, even if he had to wait a long time to make his comeback to the popular anthology series. Paul said that Beyond the Sea was a dream come true for the actor, expressing his interest with the role he played. The Hollywood Reporter, he said:

“Oh, absolutely. Beyond the Sea was a dream come true in every way. I started the episode script on my phone as soon as I received the call informing me that this offer had come in, and I read the entire episode in little over an hour. I simply took it all in and was honored that he had chosen me to play such a challenging character.

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Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul

Fans will be hoping that Aaron Paul, the El Camino Star, keeps landing more significant jobs as he continues his flawless run in the TV world.

Netflix has Black Mirror Season 6 accessible for viewing.

Source: The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter

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