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Three Ways AI Technology-Based Roof Heating Cables Save You … – The Park Record

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With more snow in the forecast, it’s hard to protect mountain homes from extreme weather. Snowy conditions increase the risk of ice dams which can lead to leaks, mold, and extensive structural damage. Many people install heat cables (or heat tape) on their roof to protect their homes.

Heat cables prevent ice dams from forming and encourage melting snow to drain away from the roof, but that doesn’t mean they are energy efficient.

Photo provided by Powder Watts

Experts estimate that just an average-sized home heat cable setup consumes enough electricity to drive a Tesla Model 3 around the Earth 2.5 times EACH WINTER! Roof cables melt away snow, but the power it uses from constantly running is burning up your wallet.

Meet Powder Watts – a new heat cable control system designed with AI technology that effectively controls rooftop snow hazards, simplifies cable maintenance, and saves money. Here’s how:

1. Uses a Sensor to Maximize Efficiency

Instead of relying solely on visible signs of snow and ice blockage, smart AI sensors “see” what’s happening and automatically activate the heat cables when needed, then switch them off when it isn’t. Over the past 4 years, Powder Watts has managed an average heat cable off-time of 92%.

Photo provided by Powder Watts

2. Offers Visual Capabilities

Visibility takes the guesswork out of using heat cables. Powder Watts has developed smart camera computer vision technology designed to monitor and control heat cables on roofs during winter. Now homeowners see for themselves, using their smartphones.

As the roof conditions change, AI-backed technology alerts homeowners of snow and ice build-up, circuit breaker trips, and disabled or worn cables and stops ice damage before it happens. Now, that’s smart.

3. Requires Professional Installation and Product Guarantee

To optimize heating cable efficiency, leave it to the professionals to ensure your cables are installed correctly, with guaranteed products and service. Powder Watts guarantees its product for ten years in the most extreme weather conditions.

Best of all, it doesn’t need an external power source to monitor snow conditions. The wireless camera can store enough solar power to last the entire winter under the snow, and can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees and minus 40 degrees.

For home protection and service you can trust, Pow­der Watts offers expertise and innovation that is trans­forming the industry. The National Science Foundation has recognized Powder Watts for their excellence in contributions to science in the areas of heat cable man­agement, AI, machine/computer vision, energy saving, structure protection and grid protection, and Powder Watts has been chosen to speak at the America’s Smart Cities conference in May.

You love your home. Protecting it from weather hazards is easier and more affordable than ever with energy-efficient, AI-based sensor technology that prolongs the life of your roof while preserving the scenery beyond it.

Powder Watts is the only heat cable control system that uses AI technology and has full patent protection in this field. Substantial rebates are available through Rocky Mountain Power.


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