With the release of Warzone 2, the game's brand-new map, Al Mazrah, will soon be accessible to battle royale gamers for the first time

That also implies that those players will be seeking for the greatest fresh drop locations on the map.

Finding the optimal drop sites in Warzone 2 depends on your choices, circumstance, and time, as is typically the case with battle royale games

It might not be worthwhile to wait for an excellent drop spot all the way to the south if, for example, you find yourself flying towards the northern region of the globe.

Because of this, we've included a number of ideal drop locations dispersed around the majority of the Warzone 2 map.

The Quarry offers one of Warzone 2's most intriguing landing spots and is essentially a modified version of the same-named fan-favorite Call of Duty map.

The massive Al Mazrah City is filled with loot. However, it will also be filled with players willing to risk it all in search of that loot 

Sarrif Bay initially looks less appealing than some of the alternate drop points in its immediate vicinity. 

The Observatory is not for the weak of heart. Between its treasure trove of loot and its location somewhere near the dead center of the map, it’s as high-risk as a high-risk drop point gets. 

Taraq Village would likely still be the area’s absolute best drop point even if there was more competition for that category. 

The small “suburbs” area to the east of Al Sharim Pass having small collection of buildings near the out-of-bounds zone is a much better drop point than it initially appears to be. 

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