Allen Weisselberg, a longtime official of the Trump Organization, testified on behalf of the prosecution on Tuesday in the case's criminal trial for tax fraud.

Weisselberg, the former CFO, admitted in court that the Trump Organization gave him $1.76 million in unreported, off-the-books benefits

This testimony supported crucial claims made in the Manhattan district attorney's prosecution of the Trump Organization.

Weisselberg, who has spent over 50 years working for the Trump family, pled guilty in August 

 And consented to give a witness statement against the business of the late president Donald Trump.

When questioned by the prosecution, he admitted that he was aware that he owed taxes on the money received,

Which went toward his grandchildren's private school tuition, a Hudson River-view condominium, and two Mercedes-Benz leases.

He said that because his income was underreported on his tax returns, he knew they were fraudulent.

He claimed that the plan was advantageous for both him and the business, which, in order to provide the same benefit if taxes had been withheld

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