Twitter has changed significantly. There has been uncertainty about the future of the microblogging service both on the outside and inside since tech entrepreneur Elon Musk seized control.

Mastodon is possibly the most well-known of them all, and for good reason. 500,000 more people have signed up for the service after the twitter took over by Elon Musk

According to Forbes, German software engineer Eugen Rochko founded Mastodon in 2016 and started working on it while still a student at Germany's Friedrich Schiller University

Initially, he was allegedly an ardent Twitter user, but he soon grew disenchanted with the platform and started something new.

The software also contains features akin to those found on Twitter, including the ability to follow other users and groups, publish images, videos, and music using hashtags, and even advertise postings.

Users of this site can edit their posts as well. Mastodon users can post up to 500 characters, unlike Twitter.

For using the app download it first. Choose servers based on your specific interests, location, or use. Seven ground rules are then provided by the software.

Your display name, username, email address, and password will then need to be entered into the programme.

You can run your social networking services on the free and open-source Mastodon platform. Like Twitter, Mastodon enables users to publish, follow individuals and organisations, like, and repost other users' posts.

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