At a rally on Tuesday morning, Democrat Katie Hobbs announced her victory in the contest for governor of Arizona

She acknowledged the difficult campaign and congratulated Arizonans for rejecting instability.

At Luna Culture Lab in central Phoenix, Hobbs told supporters, "Last night our race was officially called (by media organisations)

I am proud to stand before you as governor-elect." A difficult year and a half have passed.

 Arizonans opted to solve our problems over conspiracy theories in this election.

Hobbs noted that Lake, a Republican challenger and supporter of former president Donald Trump, had not yet declared victory.

Throughout her campaign, Lake, who rejected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, resisted making a promise to accept the outcome of this year's election.

Hobbs reminded his supporters, "The attacks on democracy won't cease tonight with this triumph. It is on all of us to continue to protect it

She gained a little advantage in early vote results, but until Monday, when the Associated Press and other media sources predicted her victory, the election remained too close to call

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