Margot Robbie admitted that after appearing in "The Wolf of Wall Street," celebrity was difficult for her to handle. 

After costarring with Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's criminal drama as Naomi Lapaglia, Robbie saw a meteoric rise to fame in 2013.

Robbie stated that she wasn't prepared for the amount of popularity and the sudden loss of her privacy in a new profile for Vanity Fair

I recall telling my mother, "I don't believe I want to do this," at one point when something horrific was happening. Robbie remarked that it was one of her lowest points at the time.

She went on: "And [my mother] simply stared at me with a blank expression and said, "Darling, I think it's too late not to." Then I understood that moving forward was my only option."

Robbie claimed that while she has learned how to handle fame, she still has trouble dealing with media attention, particularly tabloid articles and being chased by photographers

"Even though you wish to refute [fake stories], you simply cannot. You have to, I dunno, turn your head away "he said. "If you run my nephew off a bike or cause my mum to pass away in a vehicle accident for what reason

Robbie added that she finds the press conferences for her movies to be stressful, stating: "They only want sound bites, which I don't mind because I understand; they have three minutes

 You can say something correctly a thousand times, but if you say it incorrectly, you're screwed."

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