Beer sales at the eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar would be prohibited, FIFA announced two days before the start of the biggest athletic event in history.

The decision was reached "after consultations between host country authorities and FIFA," according to a statement from FIFA.

Sales are still allowed at licenced fan activities and in-stadium opulent suites that also sell alcohol, wine, and specially crafted World Cup 2022 champagne.

The decision, according to FIFA, will guarantee that "all fans have a joyful, respectful, and pleasant experience in the stadiums and surrounding areas."

In Qatar, a country in the Persian Gulf rich in petroleum and home to a Wahhabi community that practises a stringent interpretation of Islam, alcohol sales are rigorously regulated

 Alcohol use in public is restricted to specific hotels and eateries.

The World Cup is being held in the Middle East for the first time since it began in 1930,

The selling of alcohol within the stadiums has been the subject of lengthy negotiations between Qatar and FIFA.

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