Tame One, a legendary rap musician, graffiti artist, and hometown hero from Newark's Artifacts and Boom Skwad

Tame One, a legendary rap musician,passed away at the age of 52.

Supporters from New Jersey and all corners of hip-hop and the music industry paid tribute to him.

In a Facebook message, Brown's mother shared the sad news that her son, Tamer Dizzle, had passed away.

Darlene Brown Harris stated in the post, "I can't convey this any other way. "Tamer Dizzle, my son Rahem Brown, has passed away.

The six prescription medications that Trinitas Hospital provided him last Friday,

Along with the marijuana he took over the weekend, according to the medical examiner, caused his heart to stop working altogether.

The toughest words I will ever post or say are, "My son, my heart, is dead

So I won't be responding to all the comments right away.

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