Spirited, a musical comedy adaptation of the story, adds a fresh perspective to the timeless A Christmas Carol.

Ryan Reynolds, who co-stars in the movie with Octavia Spencer and Will Ferrell, had to pick up some new abilities as a result

He claimed, however, that with a little assistance from his co-stars and a capable crew

He was able to pull it off without coming across as very embarrassing.

The music from Spirited sounds exactly as Christmas fanfare should: large, bright tunes with didactic lyrics

They're laden with humour thanks to the film's comic leading males.

The singing and dancing, however, are not made into a comedy by Reynolds and Ferrell.

They appear to be having a blast while giving the musical framework their full attention

 Ferrell and Reynolds make for the ideal on-screen duo, which makes us wonder why we haven't seen them together sooner

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